About us

The Center Connected Industry


The digitisation is progressing in all industries. More and more data is produced at different points by different systems and aggregated and stored in other systems. In the sense of the Internet of Things, the multitude of relevant data suppliers is not yet connected or networked. The true benefits of information networking only arise, when the right information is provided at the right time, in the right place, in the right aggregation, in the right quality, at the right costs and the right technology. This covers the increasing demand for information in individual cases. In order to support this development, the rapidly growing variety of technological solutions must be tested for their real potential in terms of networking information assets. This can generate competitive advantages by making individual data islands usable within the company or across companies.

Our Aim

That’s why the Center Connected Industry team is committed to bringing the new technologies and opportunities of the Internet of Things directly to productive use through early assessment and testing. Our vision is to transfer the DevOps principle for agile development from IT to development activities on an industrial scale and to use it for continuous innovative integration in practice-relevant processes. In short-cycle development steps (sprints), the technologies are brought from prototypes to functional primotypes and field tests to roll-out. All isolated solutions are then integrated into live systems and/or networked with each other. This expands the constantly growing, unique industrial ecosystem for innovative ICT solutions on the Aachen campus. Users should profit from possible competitive advantages at an early stage and providers should be able to market and evaluate tailor-made products according to customer requirements.