Demonstration Factory Aachen

The Demonstration Factory Aachen – 1,600 square meters available for your innovative projects at any time!

What can you do here?

  • Find answers to questions around Industrie 4.0 and empirically test them afterwards
  • Pre-series production and prototype testing in the real production environment
  • Implementing and evaluating of projects together with our community
  • As a contract manufacturer, DFA is a real production environment

The Demo Factory offers your company the ideal environment to put innovative research ideas right into practice!

Best example: The first street scooter that was produced here in 2016‘s pre-series.

Demonstration factory from the outside

Demonstration factory from the inside

Street Scooter, which was made here

Logistic Campus Eschweiler

More than 105,000 square meters ensure enough room for everything you need:

  • Jointly developed innovation projects in a real logistics environment
  • Direct testing of demonstrators and prototypes possilbe
  • Storage, commissioning, assembly and packaging

Benefit from the central location of the logistics facility with direct connection to the A4 motorway – Only 15 minutes by car from the Center Connected Industry!





One level above the Demonstration Factory, companies have an opportunity to develop and build initial prototypes in our Innovation Labs.

What can you do here?

  • Use Innovation Labs as a development environment for your smart products
  • Benefit from the lab’s equipment – Everything from 3D printers to IoT cases
  • With our CPS-Construction Kit (short for Cyber-physical System), we provide you with the right tool for developing new solutions. This way, you can concentrate on valuable industry knowledge instead
  • Gain first hand experience with our proven development methodology: Scaling your idea will be controlled in iterative sprints to develop an industrial-ready product within a short time frame.
  • Solutions that evolve through collaboration between cross-functional teams during our management workshops can be practically experienced in the Innovation Labs

In short: The Innovation Lab is an important first step for new product development: Try out ideas, develop prototypes and test opportunities for implementation!


Workshop at the Innovation Lab

Our 3D printer in the Innovation Lab

Convention Center

The Convention Center is an integral part of the development and production environment of the Cluster Smart Logistics.
It encompasses the development and production facilities of the Cluster Smart Logistics.

What can you do here?

  • Organize a variety of different events
  • The facilities are as flexible and scalable as our product development: from conference rooms to in-house exhibitions and trade fairs with over 30 booths
  • Use our unique infrastructure for an interactive presentation of your company or product
  • Our employees support you in every possible aspect: You are provided with the necessary equipment, we take care of the industrial set-up and and offer exclusive catering opportunities

The Convention Center could, for instance, be part of a collaborative presentation of jointly developed product results




Community Shared Offices

We have an office spot reserved for your company!

What can you do here?

  • Rent your own office for up to six employees in our Cluster Smart Logistics building
  • Capitalize on networking and collaboration opportunities by making use of our unique infrastructure
  • Join our community in the Cluster Smart Logistics on the RWTH Aachen Campus: Develop new cooperations and benefit from intensified knowledge exchange through management workshops, innovation projects and much more!

Establishing a permanent office with us offers many advantages such as access to specific knowledge, infrastructure and collaboation opportunities with other companies with different industrial backgrounds – all in the same house!

Building from outside

Community Shared Offices