18. February 2019

These days, digitalization is set to revolutionize the logistics industry more than ever before. Significant progress in automation and industrial processes leads to a more integrated and globally connected supply chain, whereby new challenges are perceived as opportunities to permanently reduce costs and make production processes more efficient.

Aiming at cross-border cooperation, Center Connected Industry is invited to a B2B Matchmaking as part of the Interreg Hyperregio program “Innovation2Market” in Maastricht on Tuesday, February 19th. Together with the Dutch partner Limburg Development and Investment Company (LIOF) and the Belgian Basse-Meuse Développement, Center Connected Industry’s managing director, Christian Maasem, will discuss new opportunities about future implications of the Industrie 4.0 for the logistics sector and how these can be realized across companies. Following many more innovative presentations, participants will be able to exchange concepts and share ideas.