14. June 2018

Our Partner Ericsson has invited the Center Connected Industry to the Panel Discussion “Breaking connectivity barriers in industrial environments” in Silicon Valley. As Director of the Center Connected Industry, Christian Maasem is discussing about limitations and potentials of connectivity in warehouses and factories.

With 5G, Ericsson is developing a technology that enables a reliable and secure wireless connectivity with very low latency, high bandwith and the possibility to connect a greater number of devices compared to former generations (e.g. LTE standard). It meets the requirements to realize the Internet of Things (IoT) using cellular connectivity.

In industrial environments, wireless connectivity of machines, devices and goods offers great opportunities, e.g. a more flexible production. Ideas like smart products routing their way through factories or warehouses are no longer just wild phantasies. With 5G, they can be developed and tested for implementation in the near future.

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