15. May 2019

The telematics provider Couplink organized the company’s annual symposium featuring “Practical implementation of future trends for supply chain managers, companies in the waste management industry and service providers” in the buildings of the Smart Logistics Cluster and the FIR at the RWTH Aachen.

Participants were offered an extensive program: Christian Maasem, Center Dicrector of the Center Connected Industry, introduced the symposium with an exciting, interactive presentation on Industrial IoT and provided interesting insights into the various logistics platforms of the future. Professor Roland Künzel, Managing Director of Flatten IT-Consulting, then elaborated on the concept of Business Analytics and explained, how companies can make use of this systematic method to increase their decision-making capabilities. Digitalization expert Philipp Seubert from Infraserv Höchst presented another conference highlight and illustrated, how companies are able to manage their competitive advantage through innovative cooperation. Michael Schwemmle, Key Account and Business Development Manager at Inform, gave answers to all kinds of questions around Artificial Intelligence and how it could fundamentally change the logistics industry.

During interactive guided tours through e.Go mobile’s reference factory Industry 4.0, interested visitors gained direct insights into the future of logistics and experienced, how existing supply chain processes can be transformed. Networking opportunities were of course part of the symposium, giving participants with different industry backgrounds the opportunity to share and discuss the latest technological developments as well as future trends.

We would like to thank all participants and we are looking forward to shaping the future of logistics together!