IoT Platform Study

IoT Platforms enable the successful and sustainable Realisation of Industrie 4.0

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The Challenge

IoT platforms constitute the necessary basis for the realization of high performance IoT use cases in production and logistics. IoT projects are highly relevant for both established corporations and small to medium-sized companies of different industry sectors all around the world. With the growing diffusion of connected production machines, tracking solutions and advanced analytics it is more important than ever to choose the right IoT platform. The IoT platform market, however, is complex with hundreds of platform providers offering platforms ranging from niche products to universal solutions. As such, it is quite challenging to achieve the right match between platform provider and the specific requirements of the user.

icon-community-300x234 Who?

Manager of production, logistics or IT companies with a strong interest in Industrie 4.0 and digitalisation

pin-location Key Interests

How do I find the right IoT platform(s) for my Internet of Production use cases?

icon-community-300x234 Who?

Providers of IoT platforms and IoT related services

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Do you have a hard time positioning your IoT platform with its specific structures and functionalities on the market?

The Study

Become part of our market study that we conduct together with the FIR e.V. an der RWTH Aachen addressing the efficient selection of IoT platforms for a quick implementation of IoT use cases in the industrial context!

In a diverse consortium of companies, we will identify and define relevant requirements in the context of industrial applications for platform solutions. As a result, we will develop a description model to classify IoT platforms and gain deeper insights into functionalities and transfer points. On this basis, we will develop a decision framework that supports the decision-making process and helps to place solutions on the market. In the final step, we will validate the chosen selection criteria with all participating companies.


Your benefits as a platform provider

  • Present your own solution to an expert audience to develop strategic opportunities with high public impact identification
  • Position yourself clearly in a complex and confusing market
  • Define unique selling points and your firm’s core competencies to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Identify future market opportunities for long-term growth

Your benefits as a user

  • Work out relevant capabilities and differences between IoT platforms
  • Identify current and future company-specific needs
  • Generate an overview of solutions and accelerate the decision-making process in the selection of providers
  • Minimize the risk of your investments in IoT architecture with an overview of objective selection criteria

Key Data




December 2019

May 2020

€15,000 for members of the Cluster Smart Logistics

€20,000 for external participants

Let’s tackle the challenges of IoT platforms together and join us on this innovation journey!