Your advantages as a matriculated member of the Center Connected Industry


As a member, you receive exclusive access to the RWTH Aachen Campus, the Smart Logistics Cluster and other Centers and members. You use this to exchange information and to initiate new business partnerships, which serve to maintain your own competitiveness. In the premises of the representative and communication-promoting atmosphere on site, you can receive customers and recruit qualified personnel.

Research & Development

The members have access to scientific expertise and infrastructure for innovative projects. Science and industry research and develop together. In regular meetings, the members vote on the future projects of the next cycle. In consortium research projects, know-how is developed with other participating companies and the necessary effort is shared. In addition, contact with potential cooperation partners for publicly funded collaborative projects is established from the outset

  • Showroom for industrial applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) (extension of the Innovation Lab environment)
  • Access to virtual test environment
  • Development of cross-domain usecases (with future technologies, e.g. 5G)
  • IoT radar
  • IoT platform overview and evaluation
  • Technology deployment assessment
  • Rapid IoT prototyping


With your matriculation you become part of the community of the RWTH Aachen Campus, which consists of science and economy. You have the opportunity to network virtually or in direct exchange at various events and to place and discuss your topics. As a member of the Center, you also have access to all stakeholders

  • Annual symposium on Connected Industries with technological focuses
  • InnoCircle ThinkTank (several times a year)
  • Working groups on development of IoT standards for RAMI 4.0 model
  • event organization
  • Provision of event rooms
  • Access to publications

Further Education

Specific training programmes have the purpose of enabling users to put the knowledge gained into practice. This can range from master’s degree courses to certificate courses and seminars. These Training with experienced specialists also increases the appeal of the members as employers.

  • Creation of topic-specific certificate courses
  • Technology workshops on IoT topics


The successful acquisition of funding is often of central importance for the initiation of innovative projects. In addition, members have the opportunity to be supported in all aspects of project management: Starting with the screening of suitable funding, through the drafting of a project application to successful project management.

Components of a membership at Center Connected Industry


Are you interested in becoming a member? Please feel free to contact us.