1. October 2020

Towards Logistics 4.0 – Preparing for the next level of logistics in Hong Kong

At the end of September, the HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council) organized an online conference and various online seminars to discuss SMEs’ business transformation opportunities, the latest technologies, and future trends in the logistics, manufacturing, and trading industries.  Center Manager Christian Maasem…

7. June 2019

Sneak Peek Future Logistics

For the very first time, exclusive visitors gained valuable insights into Future Logistics at the 26th ERP Days in Aachen. In collaboration with our partners Comarch, Couplink, DFA, DSA, e.Go, Ericsson, Hammer, PSI Automotive & Industry, PSI FLS, PSI Logistics…

15. May 2019

Telematics Conference: The Future of Logistics

The telematics provider Couplink organized the company’s annual symposium featuring “Practical implementation of future trends for supply chain managers, companies in the waste management industry and service providers” in the buildings of the Smart Logistics Cluster and the FIR at…

29. April 2019

How do I select the right IoT platform for my business?

Anyone interested can find a variety of different IoT platforms for industrial applications on the current market. Looking at all these different offers, it becomes apparent how big they actually are. Most important to your company is therefore the question…